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New Creation Miracle - Phil Mason - Ebook

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XP Ministries

New Creation Miracle - Phil Mason - Ebook

$ 10.80

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The Supernatural Transformation Series charts a bold course for the contemporary church. Over four dynamic volumes, author Phil Mason calls for nothing short of a prophetic revolution by calling the people of God back to the heart. The Heart Revolution is not for the faint of heart! It is for those who are ready to discover what it really means to go beyond a cold religious expression of Christianity and to return all the way to a true, intimate heart journey with the King of Glory.

In this second volume, "The New Creation Miracle," Phil unpacks the biblical revelation of the new creation miracle through the lens of the gift of a brand new spirit and a brand new heart. This miracle represents the focal point of Heaven invading EarthÇ_?,and it becomes the foundation of our heart journey into authentic supernatural transformation as we literally become partakers of the divine nature of Christ. This book is an invitation into a journey of discovery that is designed to activate our new core identity of sonship in order to liberate us from our old orphan heart. The Father is bringing many sons and daughters to glory! Phil engages deeply with the subject of the finished work of Christ in this volume. He asserts that the distinction between the finished work in our spirit and the unfinished work in our soul is part of the subtext of the New Testament. Phil focuses on how this revelation explains the paradox that calls us sanctified, yet we must pursue sanctification; we are cleansed but we must pursue cleansing. Phil's insights into the relationship between justification and sanctification are important in maintaining a clear biblical balance. The author also places a strong emphasis upon learning how to align ourselves with the fact of our co-crucifixion with Christ. Phil emphasizes that God cannot do this for us; we must develop the art of coming into alignment with the finished work of regeneration through the weapon of our will.

The Supernatural Transformation Series, boldly endeavors to deepen the work of revival and renewal in the church. This series will take us back to the foundational issue of the supernatural miracle of regeneration and deepen our understanding of the experience of justification and sanctification as they relate to this miracle of regeneration. God has given us a brand new heart and this is a supernatural act of heaven invading earth.

It is Phil's desire that this series of books will lay a strong theological foundation for training God's people in the nature of New Testament heart ministry; a supernatural ministry that calls the church to focus on deeply transforming the hearts of God's people.

This book is available in shipped hardcopy and PDF download.

"Phil Mason's new four volume series, The Supernatural Transformation Series,boldly endeavors to deepen the work of revival and renewal in the church. This is aread that will enlighten all of us! But more than that, it will challenge you to embracethe heart journey as you seek to live from the heart in pursuing a deeper intimacyin your relationship with God and with one another. It is time for a widespread heartrevolution in the church!"

- Randy Clark; Global Awakening, Pennsylvania

"Phil Mason is brilliant! This series of books provides an exceptionally clear clarioncall to experience change that is real and lasting, not superficial and transitory. Ihighly recommend them."

- Stacey Campbell; Revival Now Ministries, Canada

"Phil Mason lives and thinks outside the box! The book you hold in your hand ismany things. It's an antidote for superficial pop spirituality. It's a beacon on the journeyto the heart of reality. If you are drawn to the mystery of authentic living, readon. Plunge into the joy of the Heart of God!"

- Charles Stock; Life Center Ministries, Harrisburg, USA

"Phil's books are a read and re-read series that will stretch, strengthen and lengthenyour heart for bigger things. We are seeing the church return to Jesus' ministry to theheart for the development and transformation of people from the inside out!"

- Stephen Klemich; HeartStyles, Australia